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Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang The time is the s The place is a blue collar town in upstate New York, where five high school girls are joined in a gang dedicated to pride, power, and vengeance on a world they never made a world that seems made to denigrate and destroy them Foxfire is Joyce Carol Oates strongest and most unsparing novel yetan often engrossing, often shocking evocation of female rage, gallantry, and grit Here, then, are the Foxfire chronicles the secret history of a sisterhood of blood, a haven from a world of lechers and oppressors, marked by a liberating fury that burns too hot to last It is the story of Maddy Monkey, who writes itof Goldie, whose womanly body masks a fierce, explosive temperof Lana, with her Marilyn Monroe hair and packs of Chesterfieldsof timid Rita, whose humiliation leads to the first act of Foxfire revenge Above all, it is the story of Legs Sadovsky, with her lean, on the edge, icy beauty, whose nerve, muscle, hate, and hurt make her the spark of Foxfire, its guiding spirit, its burning core At once brutal and lyrical, this is a careening joyride of a novel charged with outlaw energy and lit by intense emotion The story moves over the years from the first eruption of adolescent anger at sexual abuse to a shared life financed by luring predatory men into traps baited with sex But then the gang s very success leads to disaster as Foxfire makes a last tragic stand against a society intent on swallowing it up Yet amid scenes of violence, sexual abuse, exploitation, and vengeance lies this novel s greatest power the exquisite, astonishing rendering of the bonds that link the girls of Foxfire together especially that betweenMaddy, the teller of the tale, and Legs, whose quintessential strength and bedrock bravery make her one of the most vivid and vital heroines in modern fiction

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    I love this book so much that I find it difficult to write about it without gushing I mean, there is the obvious reason why, which is that it s about a girl gang that targets predatory men and boys and of course, horrible pet shops with a sense of prefeminist vengeance Feminist vigilantism appeals to me on this base, primal level, even

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    Foxfire is the book that impacted me the most in Middle school Take that as you must, but I m happy to see that, unlike The Catcher in the Rye, it holds up reading it with adult eyes Of course, now, 10 years older than the last time I read it, I find issues with some of the characters I loved as a teenager, but I can see a desperation

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    Foxfire never says die.I have a Tattoo, based from this Book and the Movie that followed,that starred Angelina Jolie It s the story of a group of misfit girls, who fight back Yes, they are a girl gang, but they aren t the offshoot of a boy gang They aren t the girls of some local hoods They are the ones running the show.You are my Heart,

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    If rock n roll is your ideal, then this is a book you want to read Not that Foxfire deals explicitly with music at any point, but Oates is able to distill that same electricity.The story is set in the 50s, but, except for a few scattered cultural markers, it could just as easily be set in the contemporary moment And I read it in that cont

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    If I wasn t reading this for a book club it would have been a hard DNF at about 30% But I m glad I finished it because it turns out it was fun to discuss it even if it wasn t fun to read I don t like stream of consciousness writing it always seems to me to beinteresting for the author than for the reader, and this was a case in point The i

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    I see Joyce Carol Oates as being a heavy hitter in the literary fiction genre She has written many books and they re stuffed full of heavy themes In my mind I give her a sort of royal status of longterm women writers she pairs well with Margaret Atwood Oddly I have also given them masculine sounding monikers, as if they are athletic celebri

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    My dance teacher recommended the movie but I have to read the book first lmao

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    This is a really fun and exciting read, my favorite JCO work thus far Here, Joyce Carol Oates is at her best With such a young cast of characters Oates is at full liberty to show the smooth transition between social marginalization in childhood and an adult life that was far from ideal, a life of thievery The links between poverty, social mar

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    I absolutely loved this book with its great characters of Maddy Monkey and Legs Sadovsky Often written in Oates semi stream of consciousness style with the attendant lack of punctuation , it takes the reader on a wild adolescent ride with as always some points of social commentary along the way It certainly provides its own irreverant take on

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    Foxfire is absolutely riveting and incredible I was hardly expecting it, but this tale of a 1950 s girl gang taking on the world is full of surprises and very impressive.

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