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Stuff You Dont Learn in Engineering School An engineer s road map to professional and personal success Congratulations You re an engineer, and now you re ready to take the corporate world by storm But in order to succeed in your career, you ll need than just great technical skills You ll need to be able to promote your ideas, share them with others, and work with a wide variety of people Stuff You Don t Learn in Engineering School Skills for Success in the Real World is designed to give engineers entering the corporate world the soft skills they ll need to succeed in business, and in life Based on the author s popular leadership seminars, this easy to digest guide to success will help even the most inhibited engineer to comfortably deal with the difficult people, processes, and meetings of today s competitive business world Step by step, you ll learn important skills like Setting priorities Working in a team Being effective at meetings Speaking in front of a group Negotiating personal or business issues Dealing with stress And just having fun in the process Filled with insightful, practical advice addressing dozens of vital skill areas and helpful tips you can apply immediately to any situation, Stuff You Don t Learn in Engineering School will help you take charge of your career and achieve the success for which you ve worked so hard.

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