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Gate to Kandrith Sarathena Remillus, daughter of the newly elected Primus of the Republic of Temboria, has been given a mission discover the secret of slave magic Anxious to escape the corruption and treachery of the capital, Sara welcomes the chance to finally prove herself far away in Kandrith, the tiny nation of former slavesAccompanying her on the journey is Lance, a Kandrithan to whom Sara owes her life Lance despises the nobility, and is determined to resist his desire for Sara, despite her attempts to entice him into divulging the secret of his magicSoon their travels become fraught with peril, and Sara discovers she s fallen victim to the ultimate betrayal To end a war between two nations, she will have to make the ultimate sacrifice, words

About the Author: Nicole Luiken

Nicole Luiken wrote her first book at 13 and was published at 16 She writes SF and fantasy for both adults and teens She lives with her family in Edmonton It is impossible for her to gothan three days in a row without writing.

10 thoughts on “Gate to Kandrith

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    This is an interesting fantasy novel, I liked some elements the author used but overall, it wasn t as well structured as I imagined The interesting elements feltan add on and not the key points, which I think would have suited the bookIn my opinion, the focus wasn t on the best features to make this a richer andromantic story.

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    2.5 starsThis book failed to work for me because it failed to make me care about the characters, about the world it is set in or even about how the story ends This book is part of a duology and ends on a cliffhanger, yet I don t care enough about knowing how it ends to slog through the other one.

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    I thought this novel was great.It starts with a bang as Sara is prepared to assassinate the priest of the God of War if he as she expects withholds the blessing that her father needs as the new Primus of the Republic of Temboria Withholding his blessing would be a death sentence, and Sara would do anything to protect her small family.During a narrow escape from a undesirable suit

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    I found most elements of this story really engaging and unusual And unusual is something I generally appreciate I like being surprised and shown stuff I haven t seen a dozen times before in fantasy novels But then, on the other hand, some of the events in the plot made even me raise incredulous eyebrows There were a couple of instances where I wished the author had taken a different rout

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    First of all, I really loved this book The world building was amazing I love how Nicole Luiken was able to introduce the reader to her magical world and make them fall in love with it I appreciated having some background on the mechanics of magic in Kandrith, but I really like that the background wasn t delivered in a heavy handed way We learn the secrets of Slave Magic step by step along with S

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    WowSarathena has been raised with money power owning slaves Left to her own devices, she runs wild When she is 16 her family loses all their money and her father uses her for her beauty to gain a powerful standing in the Republic Sara is sent off to Slaveland, aka Kandrith, as a child of peace Each land sending their own child as an ambassador to the other country to maintain a peaceful pact Her father

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    Gate to Kandrith is a good read The world is unique, the cultures it doesn t, but so much happens, so many characters are introduced and there is a lot to absorb about the groups cultures tribes politics that it takes time to get into the rhythm of the story.Your patience will be rewarded Lance and Sara she from privilege he from slavery It s an age old scenar Gate to Kandrith is a good read The world is unique

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    I should start by saying I ve never read a book by Nicole Luiken before, but I hope this won t be my last as in, I really hope there s a sequel to this book, and soon Sara, the heroine, is a pampered rich girl sent on a political mission for her father and people, along with the story s hero, Lance, who dislikes Sara s culture Their individual growth throughout the story is matched only by their growth as a couple, and

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    DNF 70% I ve never been so disappointed ever since I ve read Cybele s Secret First half was great, the world building was awesome and the characters were growing on me they were also believable Second half, not so much It felt like the latest seasons of True blood It deviated too much from the main story and all the things that were going on were way to SF to be believable First half felt like Graceling, second half felt like

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    I still can t believe the hero did what he did on pg 255 I kept thinking He s bluffing There s no way And then yep, he sure went ahead and did it It surprised the heck out of me and I loved that Really, I would give the book five stars for that scene alone But also, the world is detailed and unique The plot twists are unpredictable and the mc s are engaging with very real obstacles keeping them apart Looking forward to the next book i

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