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Fault Line The new race against the clock thriller from the master of the triple cross Not all scars are visible Jonathan Kellaway needs no reminding of that on the verge of his retirement from china clay conglomerate Intercontinental Kaolins The company has left its mark in pits and spoil heaps around the world But it has also left a no less enduring mark on some of those who have worked for it, Kellaway included Its past, as well as its future, is a treacherous place So Kellaway is surprised when IK s founder and former chairman, Greville Lashley, sets him a final task before he quits The academic hired by the board to write the company s history has discovered a gap covering several years in the records of the small Cornish china clay outfit Lashley started with and where Kellaway also began his career He is despatched to Cornwall to learn what has become of the missing documents But the search is a voyage into dangerous waters A dead friend, a lost lover and a clutch of mysteries from Kellaway s youth in Cornwall and Italy in the late s come back to haunt him and to tempt him with the hope that he may at last learn the truth about the tragedies and misfortunes that blighted those years It is a truth that has claimed several victims before If he pursues it hard and long enough, he may only add himself to the list But pursue it he must Because the truth, he belatedly realizes, is the secret that has consumed his life This time this last time he will not stop Until he has found it

About the Author: Robert Goddard

In a writing career spanningthan twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.

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    A good story well told.I suppose one could say much the same about most of Robert Goddard s books He has writtenthan twenty novels in the same genre, and with very few exceptions each one is as good as the last And the exceptions are generally those where Goddard breaks from the formula, which he seems to have perfected a mystery in the past which affects characters in the present The

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    As always, Robert Goddard gives us a beautifully written and intriguing tale Fault Line begins in Cornwall, a favourite setting, amongst the china clay pits Jonathan Kellaway is on the verge of retiring form a huge international China Clay company when he is obliged to search for missing documents that appear stolen from the old records but that prove a vital link to many family secrets of the

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    Another excellent mystery by Robert Goddard with plenty of twists and turns.

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    This is one of Robert Goddards better books He is such a good story teller but sometimes you feel that the tale has got too tortuous for it s own good This one had just the right amount of mystery and action to keep you totally hooked right to the end I really liked it.

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    Goddard is a true master of plotting, character, suspense, and surprise by whom I ve enjoyed nearly 20 other books, after first discovering him in a 2008 Paste magazine feature with Stephen King, who made an unqualified endorsement of Goddard s books Fault Line is one of Goddard s best books Goddard s books are usually set in rural Britain with plots that also take his characters to such Mediterranean locales as Capri a

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    I have no idea why I obtained this book in the first place, having never read any of Goddard s books, even though he is a prolific author Perhaps it s because his books are not widely available in the U.S Nevertheless, I was glad I got my hands on this one It is a well written, suspenseful, novel that caught me up to the point that I finished it in 3 days The story line jumps between the late 1960s, 1984, and 2010 as the protago

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    Goddard is back on target A straight mystery thriller without the history lessons that have tended to bog down too many of his books.This one reads like a fast paced movie and not once did I pick it up and think O.M.G I ve gotta try to get back into this

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    This is one of those fat thrillers that get sold in their thousands, especially at airports A good enough story, writing rather bland, and a week after I d read it I didn t have a clue what it was about.

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    This was much better than some of the authors recent books, enjoyed the twists and turns but the ending was just a little weak.

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    Robert Goddard has a magical gifthe can paint vivid pictures with the words he writes He also uses his obvious love of history to produce another top notch novel Switching between the early sixties and the present day 2010 he has created a convoluted plot that keeps you reading just onepage and then just onechapter until you find yourself caught up in this excellent mystery with loads of twists and turns If you are a fan of Steve Berry or Brad Meltzer, you will lo

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