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A Montana Man The Montana Man He d lived for his son and the land until she came into his life His Mystery Woman She was called Sierra She was beautiful and vulnerable, and he felt an immediate connection to her All rancher Clint Barrow knew was her name But from the first he d needed to stake his claim He d brought her home to heal, but as the days stretched into long, hot nights, Clint wanted the woman herself And just when their denied desire exploded into full blown passion, Sierra s past began to come clear Would she soon have to leave her Montana man behind MAN OF THE MONTH When he finds a missing Benning sister, can a Montana rancher keep her for his own

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    A Montana Man is the second book in the Benning Legacy series by American author, Jackie Merritt Sierra Benning leaves behind California and her failed marriage, and heads north for some adventure In Montana, she getsthan she bargained for a winding mountain road and a fast travelling truck on

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    I got this book in a lot of used harlequins The cover is amazing but I got a few pages into the book and decided I couldn t deal.

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