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The Cosmic Airdrome The Cosmic Airdrome is a Rosetta Stone to The Lazy Man s Guide to EnlightenmentOriginally written as a series of annotations to The Guide it contains explanations and further descriptions of its many conceptsThe cosmic Airdrome is a book of aphorisms and wisdom that you can open anywhere, to any page Thaddeus Golas collected his thoughts and diary entries over a period of twenty yearsThe cream of these philosophical gems, compact ideas, and graceful metaphors, is collected in one elegant volume that can work as a decoder to many of Thaddeus Golas ideas and visions as first delivered in The Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment The Cosmic Airdrome is a pocket companion, and friendAvailable from www dot evenlazier dot com

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About the Author: Thaddeus Golas

Born in 1924 in Paterson, New Jersey, to Polish Catholic parents, Thaddeus Golas was a child of Einstein s Relativity but also of the Great Depression.He served a long European tour of duty in WWII, and was in Patton s Third Army in Antwerp, but narrowly avoided combat at the Battle of the Bulge The G.I Bill helped him earn a BA in General Humanities from New York s Columbia University where he studied under Jacques Barzun, among notable others.He went on to work as a proofreader for Betty Ballantine, as an editor for The Tatler in Paterson, NJ., a book editor for Redbook, and later, in Oklahoma, as a sales representative for Harper Row He saw the rise of the Beat Movement in Manhattan, with its onset of mind altering substances.His ideas on human consciousness had gathered over many years of pondering Eastern Mysticism and popular Quantum Science when he moved to California in the 60s, he was encouraged by Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, and former high school mate Allen Ginsberg to self publish his Lazy Man s Guide to Enlightenment.Thus, it was in the psychedelic maelstrom, in the midst of San Francisco s Haight Ashbury turmoil at the start of the Seventies, that Thaddeus Golas achieved recognition as a major philosopher He stood on street corners with his third wife Nancy Monroe, come rain or come shine, selling copies to passersby to make ends meet The Lazy Man s Guide to Enlightenment caught on like wild fire, and Golas, the reluctant guru, became a bit of a sensation.His book remained in print for nearly 30 years.Often shunned by members of the New Age community for his biting criticism of their manipulations, Thaddeus Golas remained a nomad and led a discreet life, declining to lecture or exploit his readers with seminars.Twenty years after it was completed, Love and Pain, the second book by Thaddeus Golas, picks up where The Lazy Man s Guide to Enlightenment leaves off It is a deeper investigation of his metaphysical message amodern andcomplete look at his metaphysical map by some accounts his masterpiece Similarly, The Cosmic Airdrome, his third book, is a great companion to the Guide.The Lazy Man s Life is the Biography of Thaddeus Golas.

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