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Rescued by a Millionaire Rescued by a Millionaire by Marion Lennox released on Jul ,is available now for purchase DescriptionJenna is stranded She s in the middle of the Outback no phone, no water and nobody but her baby sister for several hundred miles except for Riley Jackson, who rescues them He s a millionaire in hiding who s learned the hard way that love doesn t last He doesn t want companionship, or commitment But as Riley helps this brave, determined woman, Jenna realizes that maybe she can help rescue Riley from his own demons Now there s no reason for either of them to say no to marriage He s a rich grazier who s given up on love she s a poor nurse with a celebrity parent I personally remember swimming in dams being a lot less romantic and a lottrying to avoid touching the bottom at all costs lest one s feet get eaten by yabbies but that s probably because I was swimming in the wrong dams Romance novel dams are much to be preferred.

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