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Eisenhower: The White House Years Newton s contribution is as cogent an inventory of Eisenhower s White House years as I ve ever read He blends masterful writing with historic detail and provides the value added of Ike as the man and the leader Chuck Hagel, Distinguished Professor, Georgetown University US Senator Newly discovered and declassified documents make for a surprising and revealing portrait of the president we thought we knewAmerica s thirty fourth president was belittled by his critics as the babysitter in chief This new look reveals how wrong they were Dwight Eisenhower was bequeathed the atomic bomb and refused to use it He ground down Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism until both became, as he said, McCarthywasm He stimulated the economy to lift it from recession, built an interstate highway system, turned anbillion deficit ininto amillion surplus inIke was the last President until Bill Clinton to leave his country in the black The President Eisenhower of popular imagination is a benign figure, armed with a putter, a winning smile, and little else The Eisenhower of veteran journalist Jim Newton s rendering is shrewd, sentimental, and tempestuous He mourned the death of his first son and doted on his grandchildren but could, one aide recalled, peel the varnish off a desk with his temper Mocked as shallow and inarticulate, he was in fact a meticulous manager Admired as a general, he was a champion of peace In Korea and Vietnam, in Quemoy and Berlin, his generals urged him to wage nuclear war Time and again he considered the idea and rejected it And it was Eisenhower who appointed the liberal justices Earl Warren and William Brennan and who then called in the military to enforce desegregation in the schoolsRare interviews, newly discovered records, and fresh insights undergird this gripping and timely narrativeJIM NEWTON is a veteran journalist who began his career as clerk to James Reston at the New York Times Since then, he has worked as a reporter at the Atlanta Constitution and as a reporter, bureau chief and editor at the Los Angeles Times, where he presently is the editor at large and author of a weekly column He also is an educator and author, whose acclaimed biography of Chief Justice Earl Warren, Justice for All Earl Warren and the Nation He Made, was published inHe lives in Pasadena, CA From the Hardcover edition

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    An illuminating, clear and readable history of Eisenhower s presidency Newton concludes that Eisenhower was the right man for the times, rather than just an adequate caretaker, a babysitter in chief, or a bored, quiet old grandpa.Newton emphasizes Eisenhower s natural and consistent desire to always find a middle way between liberals and conservatives,

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    Eisenhower The White House Years was published in 2011 and is Jim Newton s second biography His first, covering former Chief Justice Earl Warren, was published in 2006 Newton is a journalist who has worked at The New York Times, The Atlanta Constitution and The Los Angeles Times He recently moved to UCLA where he teaches and serves as Editor in Chief of

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    This was a really good biography of the presidential years of Dwight D Eisenhower While he definitely had some failings as a President, he was pretty good at governing His failure tofully confront McCarthy and the Red Baiting that his fellow Republicans put the country through as well as his missteps onfully pursuing civil rights are the major failings H

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    Very good People seem to be looking backfondly at the Eisenhower presidency because of the frustrations moderates are having withrecent Republican presidents This books offers a positive take on Ike, particularly focusing on Ike s desire to find balance between the left and right This balance often worked well, particularly in dealing with foreign policy

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    A solid biography of Ike as president, eminently readable with good strong narrative threads For the most part, the book presents abalanced view of Eisenhower than Ambrose s work, with only one or two moments of descent into the whine of Eisenhower biographers that the stereotype of Ike as golfer is unfair it is, but hey, get over it I particularly enjoyed

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    Newton has put together a thorough study of Eisenhower as a president His writing was interesting and easy to follow My complaints about this work are mostly ideological 1 It is, in my view, too beholden to political centrism2 I think Newton s admiration for Eisenhower as a man caused him to pull his punches when reviewing the former presidents actions on r

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    I absolutely loved this book If it weren t for a few pesky details I would have happily given it 5 stars.First, the pesky detailsThe first few chapters are thematic summaries of Eisenhower s life before he reached the White House When I started reading the book I forgot to pay attention to the subtitle and started getting very disappointed in the book Newton

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    An excellent portrait of Eisenhower s presidency Enough detail in the early chapters to give a measure of the man, but not so much as to bore and distract Newtown argues that the traditional interpretation of Eisenhower s tenure in the White House that Ike spent most of the time on the links, delegating substantive work to powerful aides misses the mark, larg

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    The 1950s are often remembered as a quiet period of stagnation presided over by a kindly grandfather type president A study of the Eisenhower Administration proves that it was anything but that It included the end of the Korean War, the invasion of Lebanon and the Suez Crisis It was a period of covert action that effected pro American regime change in Iran and

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    Newton s recounting of Dwight Eisenhower s years in the White House was rather eye opening for someone who was a child during his two terms as President I do remember thinking that he sort of breezed through and that the real Cold War problems occurred after he left office But, it isn t so he didthan met the eye of observers to stave off a nuclear engagement wh

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