O Pintor Debaixo Do Lava-Loiças MOBI É Pintor

O Pintor Debaixo Do Lava-Loiças A liberdade, muitas vezes, acaba por sobreviver gra as a espa os t o apertados quanto o lava loi as de um fot grafo Esta a hist ria, baseada num epis dio real passado com os av s do autor , de um pintor eslovaco que nasceu no final do s culo XIX, no imp rio Austro H ngaro, que emigrou para os EUA e voltou a Bratislava e que, por causa do nazismo, teve de fugir para debaixo de um lava loi as.

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    I might have misjudged this book I might have not I ve never felt this perplexed about a book before It wasn t particularly good But it wasn t bad My thoughts is that I felt it had a lot of potential It could ve been better That there s something missing It almost stirred my soul, but it couldn t It might have had the opposite effect There were interesting tho

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    Bookreview time This is my first time reading Afonso Cruz and I m impressed by his writing style and by the story he chose to share with us I can say that this book is a philosophical one as it transcends the typicality of weaving a story to a reader and make him her simply enjoy it Indeed, we re following Joseph s story and we ve been introduced to his world family

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    3,5 stars.this book was really odd, but i kind of liked it not what i expected though the writers style is interesting but the whole story was a bit too shallow Like there s something missing But it was very easy to read, it only took me few hours and it was interesting enough for me to not put it down.

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    Afonso Cruz s poetic acuteness in telling stories has not ceased to amaze me with every book read, and this one is no exception.Based on a true story, the narrative is imbued with feeling throughout, be it loss, hope, sadness, joy And all told in a way so beautifully woven that it s almost impossible not to connect and feel the same the characters in the story feel.

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    This is something For me it s unexpected and amazing the way Afonso Cruz express himself in this book Interesting thoughts in a poetic and different approach It s my first book of this author and now i m curious about the other books.Certainly, i will reread this one.

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    Warning this text may contain spoilers Vbb

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    3,5 stars

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    Surprisingly well written, very poetic, the author is really playing with words Talking about hard things with lightness It was a pleasure to read it.

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    Only a genius writer can make a book like this.

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