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Los Reyes del Mambo tocan canciones de amor Dos j venes cubanos m sicos salen de la Habana y llegan al gran teatro de Nueva York Es la temporada del mambo, y los hermanos Castillo, quienes trabajan duro durante el d a, pronto se convierten en las estrellas de la noche en las salas de baile donde que su orquesta toca la m sica sensual y vibrante que les gana el t tulo de Los Reyes del Mambo Esta es su juventud una poca que treinta a os despu s, recordar n con nostalgia y afecto En Los Reyes del Mambo Tocan Canciones de Amor, Oscar Hijuelos crea una obra rica y fascinante sobre la pasi n y la muerte, la memoria y el deseo

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    As the weather heats up it is easy to envision oneself on a beach with a rum and Coke in hand The preferred beverage in Cuba before Castro s take over, rum invokes images of Havana as a city teeming with night life and rivaling Miami as the gateway to Latin America It is with this sensuous imagery at hand that I selected Oscar Hijuelos Mambo Kin

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    A plump, juicy, sexy tropical fruit of a novel Its immediately evident why it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize as a matter of fact, it comes from a proud line of family sagas all of them conjoined fatefully with the history of our nation The Castillo Bros castle siblings are the Kings of their music and major purveyors of the Cuban American Zeitgei

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    I cannot BELIEVE this book won a Pulitzer I bought it because of the shiny red cover with the big silver medal looking sticker on the front yes, that is how I judge books The Cuban history living in New York as a Cuban music scene perspective was interesting, but it was overshadowed by the long, long, LONG woe is me sad sack self destructive fatal

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    DNF So disappointing An extremely engaging six page intro leads into a choppy, entirely sex focused story that fails to develop atmosphere or nostalgia the way the author intends It felt like being stuck at a bar next to an old drunk dude wanting to tell you every detail of his life story how he used to be a musician and slept with just about every

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    Looking at her, Nestor felt faint hearted she wasbeautiful than the sea, than the morning light, than a wildflower field, and her whole body, agitated and sweaty from her struggles, gave off an aromatic female scent, somewhere between meat and perfume and ocean air, that assailed Nestor s nostrils, sank down into his body like mercury, and twisted i

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    I did not have big hopes going into The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, I was hoping to be surprised Unfortunately, there were only moments of surprise, but not enough for this one to vault over the three star mark It beat out Billy Bathgate for the 1990 Pulitzer and as I have not yet read that book, I have to assume it was mediocre and as there were

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    I guess there was a plot But I think it was all a thinly veiled cover for writing about an old man s penis Seriously Every page includes some reference to this horny old man s sexual escapades It s gross And a little depressing Which isprovocative I guess.EDIT I redacted my initial hatred filled review I might even consider re reading this, from a non

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    Like clockwork, highly viscous, graphic coitus every 3 5 pages Give that book The Pulitzer Prize

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    This book is nostalgic, exotic, erotic and narcotic It is a beautiful book and I have returned to it several times and each time I am completely swept up emotionally by it With mere words on a page, the author creates the melodies of the Mambo era, the smells of rural Cuban cane fields, the sweat of a dance hall, the swelter of a New York City summer Th

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    This Pulitzer winning story of Cesar, the Mambo King, and his Cuban Cuban American family was compelling although the narrative timeline was unnecessarily haphazard The story bounces around a lot Valid criticism has been made of the constant focus on Cesar s penis and sexual conquests Come on now let s move along is what I kept thinking The superficial t

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