The Magnificent Medills: America's Royal Family of

The Magnificent Medills: America's Royal Family of Journalism During a Century of Turbulent Splendor The riveting story of the country s first media dynasty, the Medills of Chicago, whose power and influence shaped the story of America and American journalism for four generations When thirty two year old former lawyer Joseph Medill bought a controlling stake in the bankrupt Chicago Daily Tribune in , he had no way of foreseeing the unparalleled influence he and his progeny would have on the world of journalism and on American society at large Medill personally influenced the political tide that transformed America during the midnineteenth century by fostering the Republican Party, engineering the election of Abraham Lincoln and serving as a catalyst for the outbreak of the Civil War The dynasty he established, filled with colorful characters, went on to take American journalism by storm His grandson, Colonel Robert R McCormick, personified Chicago, as well as its great newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, throughout much of the twentieth century Robert s cousin, Joseph Medill Patterson, started the New York Daily News, and Joe s sister, Cissy Patterson, was the innovative editor of the Washington Times Herald In the fourth generation, Alicia Patterson founded Long Island s Newsday, the most stunning journalistic accomplishment of post World War II America Printer s ink raged in the veins of the Medills, the McCormicks and the Pattersons throughout a century, and their legacy prevailed for another five decades always in the forefront of events, shaping the intellectual and social pulse of America At the same time, the dark side of the intellectual stardom driving the dynasty was a destructive compulsion that left clan members crippled by their personal demons of chronic depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and even madness and suicide Rife with authentic conversations and riveting quotes, The Magnificent Medills is the premiere cultural history of America s first media empire This dynamic family and their brilliance, eccentricities and ultimate self destruction are explored in a sweeping narrative that interweaves the family s personal activities and public achievements against a larger historical background Authoritative, compelling and thoroughly engaging, The Magnificent Medills brings the pages of history that the Medills wrote vividly to life

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    When we think of the great newspaper dynasties, we often think of William Randolph Hearst, Katherine Graham, and Joseph Pulitzer But the family of the Medill Patterson McCormick tops them all It all began in Chicago when Joseph Medill bought the bankrupt Chicago Daily Tribune which morphed into the Trib in 1855 and threw his support to Pre

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    The old saying that if you re rich, you re eccentric and if you re poor, you re insane, certainly applies to this large family Joseph Medill, of Chicago Tribune famed spawned a magnificent family alright but nearly all of them were definitely eccentric The fact that most of them died of cirrhosis of the liver from a lifetime of heavy drinki

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    If you love newspapers and hate seeing what has happened to them, this book may make you cry For it is the story of newspapers in their heyday when Sunday papers had 72 pages, and comic strip artists were paid 25,000 to 85,000 a year Current employees of Tribune papers really might cry, because this book covers the years when the Tribune was

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    I was totally enchanted with this book Never having heard of the Medill publishing dynasty I was amazed and overwhelmed at their accomplishments and publishing successes throughout the 20th century Not only were the Medills amazing individuals but the historical factors in this book are astonishing in their importance of early America It is a

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    This is a typical American success story of a family who started in Chicago in the publishing business They started one of the biggest newspapers in the country with innovation and moxie The women especially lived daring, controversial, and feisty lives marrying many times, traveling around the world, shooting big game, breeding horses as well

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    News publishing ran through the bloodlines.There were a lot of characters and was interesting how strong news publishing ran through the bloodlines Was not aware of how cut throat it was as multiple papers vied for majority circulation Was also surprised to see that it is nothing new to have news politically align.

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    4.5 stars Comparable to Erik Larson, McKinney has produced a fascinating, fantastic book of history Covering over one hundred years of a family who founded four newspapers, elected Abraham Lincoln, and changed American culture, this is one to read Highly recommend.

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    A very entertaining saga about a most important but mostly unknown family But also a fascinating lesson about American history.

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    For all the misplaced attention we Americans currently lavish on the undeserving trailer trash of the moment the Kardashians, the Hiltons, the train wrecks of New Jersey, and the rest , we fail to appreciate the spectacularly scandalous lives of Americans who actually mattered to the country Anyone without shame can make a scandalous videotape and

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    The Magnificent Medills covers the story of the Medill Family and the McCormick Patterson Dynasty that shaped the course of journalism throughout the late 18th and early 19th century Short of Hearst who the Medills had many dealings with the family was one of the most influential in shaping United States journalism From the start of the Chicago Tri

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