The Hundred Year Diet: America's Voracious Appetite for

The Hundred Year Diet: America's Voracious Appetite for Losing Weight A lively cultural history of the American weight loss industry that explores the origins of our obsession with dietingAs a nation battling an obesity epidemic, we spend thanbillion annually on diets and diet regimens Our weight is making us sick, unhappy, and bigger than ever, and we are willing to hand over our hard earned money to fix the problem But most people don t know that the diet industry started cashing in long before the advent of the WhopperThe Hundred Year Diet is the story of America s preoccupation with diet, deprivation, and weight loss From the groundbreaking measurement of the calorie to World War I voluntary rationing to the Atkins craze, Susan Yager traces our relationship with food, weight, culture, science, and religion She reveals that long before America became a Fast Food Nation or even a Weight Loss Nation, it was an Ascetic Nation, valuing convenience over culinary delightLearn how one of the best fed countries in the world developed some of the worst nutritional habits, and why the respect for food evident in other nations is lacking in America Filled with food history, cultural trivia, and unforgettable personalities, The Hundred Year Diet sheds new light on an overlooked piece of our weight loss puzzle its origins

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    I was disappointed in this It starts out well cataloging the insane diets of the 1800s and on, you realize just how nutty Americans have been about food for quite a long time The discussions are all really superficial, however, which was especially frustrating since the book is relatively short There would have been room for a much deeper discussion, and I felt like I wa

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    I was interested in this book because I am in the middle of a medically supervised diet plan to try to take off the last few decade s worth of excess weight I don t recall how I had slipped onto the road to obesity in middle age, but I do remember the half measures I d tried to get myself off of it on my own It seemed clear that it was all a matter ofpowerful forces than an i

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    I was hoping for a fun romp through the crazy fad diets of the last several hundred years This exists for the first couple of chapters, but it really quite short on each diet Nevertheless, this part is pretty interesting and a good discussion of dieting culture most Americans truly had no clue how to eat any And then, a rant about obesity in America, with no reference to the fact

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    Synopsis A nonfiction book that looks at how American s have been looking at weight and diets historically with the major focus on views since World War IMy rating 4 5Overall I enjoyed this book and found it insightful and interesting The book was approximately 250 pages and there were times it became repetitive or I was ready for the topic to move forward before it did I think this is

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    As the lengthy title explains, this is a book about the American quest for a solution to being overweight, including diets both faddish and sensible, bizarre equipment, pills, manufactured foods, andIt starts a little over 100 years ago, when the first fad diets in the US developed as part of certain evangelical Christian practices Eventually religious cults turned into health clinics, and

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    First, this book was AMAZING I usually don t gush over non fiction books because on average they tend to be dense, dry books that take a lot of will power to get through THIS book is different It is so well written it reads like a novel, a real page turner The Hundred Year Diet is a straight forward, plain language, simple to understand history of America s diet since the mid 19th century Ms Yag

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    I m not exactly sure what it was I expected of this book It was not at all what I thought it would be that is just fine with me All I can say is it was a real eye opener I had no idea that American s were on diets for such a long time even during the Great Depression American s dieting even though they were not fat Always striving to be what we are told is beautiful.The most noble part of the diet tr

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    Lots of interesting information here, about the beginnings of America s obsession with diet, weights, and the evils of food I would have likeddetail about the different diet doctors, because those sections were fascinating.I felt that it ran out of steam in the end Yager doesn t have anything very interesting to say about the current food landscape, and I thought her conclusion that everyone was going to

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    Goodreads win Looks like it will be an interesting read The Hundred Year Diet American s Voracious Appetite for Losing Weight turned out to be pretty good I enjoyed the reading first half of the book which took you through a few decades of dieting regimens that sounds absolutely ridiculous now I loved learning something new about America s dieting history Crazy stuff folks used to do to reduce The last few cha

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    As the title suggests, The Hundred Year Diet covers the history of dieting in America from about World War I to the present day, with much of the message being thethings change, thethey stay the same In parallel, of course, it also covers the history of weight during that time, changes in the Met Life charts and in the weights of Americans throughout the last century Here the message is that the US has been declare

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