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Happy Birthday, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Mrs Piggle Wiggle is back with a brand new bundle of wonderfully magical cures for any bad habit from watching too much TV to picky eating to fear of trying new things With a little help from her pets, Wag the dog, Lightfoot the cat, and Lester the pig and a trunk full of magnificent powders and potions she can solve any problem, big or small And while Mrs Piggle Wiggle is working her magic, the children are working some of their own, planning a boisterous birthday bash for everyone s favorite problem solver

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    Mrs Piggle Wiggle is back almost 50 years after the original author s death Betty MacDonald s daughter found one unpublished story and ideas for others, and wrote Happy Birthday Mrs Piggle Wiggle, the fifth book in the series The first story, The Just One More TV Show Cure is obviously written by the original MacDonald and is the best story in the book The

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    I really liked this The chapter wrote by the original author was obviously better, but the authors daughter did really well with the other chapters too Definitely worth it to read this

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    This is the second Mrs Piggle Wiggle book I ve read to my daughter My wife was a fan from childhood but I had never heard of Mrs Piggle Wiggle before Apparently the first one I read was written back in the 50 s by Betty MacDonald whereas this one is comprised of a previously unpublished story and ideas for others that were found by her daughter The story outlines we

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    Happy Birthday, Mrs Piggle WigglePlot Eight short stories about bratty kids that they re parents don t seem to have the answers or the brains to solve in their different bad behaviors, so they turn to the smartest woman that is witch because I think we already know in the neighborhood to cure them At the end all the kid s and parent s throw her one of the BEST parties I

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    Do you sometimes have the feeling like you don t want to brush your teeth or you don t want to stop watching TV This book is great because it tells what would happen if you did or din t do those important and not important thing.I just love this book even thought, it is Czech but can be read in English

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    Read this with my grandson I loved the stories with my children This one is a wonderful tribute to Betty McDonald from her daughter Lovely

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    Same Mrs Piggle Wiggle magic.

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    Mrs Piggle Wiggle takes a final bow in this collection, continuing to problem solve the manners of the neighborhood children Though still a collection of short stories, this book has an anomaly that I really liked One of the children suffers from Afraid to Try he s shown to be a good kid, responsible and careful, but he likes to hang back and watch others do things sometimes for a long time

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    This book was quite like the other Piggle Wiggle books I have only listened to 2 this past decade but this one seemed to take quite a bit directly from them and as a result read like a ghost written sequel after an author s death it had the right elements and fit in, but added nothing new nor even seemed to use notes of new stories but simply rewrote existing tales For example, the fix with the

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    The final installment in the Mrs Piggle Wiggle series, this book was partly written by Betty MacDonald s daughter, Anne MacDonald Canham It was released decades after the original books, and while there are slight differences in dialogue and setting and generally less objectionable content , I think most young readers won t notice any differences This book is a nice blend of magical remedies and prac

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