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Pyre of Queens Mandore, Rajasthan,AD Ravindra Raj, the evil sorcerer king, devises a deadly secret ritual, where he and his seven queens will burn on his pyre, and he will rise again with the powers of Ravana, demon king of the epic Ramayana But things go wrong when one queen, the beautiful, spirited Darya, escapes with the help of Aram Dhoop, the court poetJodhpur, Rajasthan,At the site of ancient Mandore, teenagers Vikram, Amanjit, Deepika and Rasita meet and realize that the deathless king and his ghostly brides are hunting them down As vicious forces from the past come alive, they need to unlock truths that have been hidden for centuries, and fight an ancient battle one time

About the Author: David Hair

David Hair is the author of The Bone Tiki, winner of Best First Novel Young Adult Fiction section at the 2010 NZ Post Children s Book Awards The Bone Tiki and its sequel The Taniwha s Tear are fantasy novels set in New Zealand David is a New Zealander, who has worked primarily in financial services He has a degree in History and Classical Studies He has lived from 2007 to 2010 in New Delhi, India, but usually resides in Wellington, New Zealand Apart from writing, he is interested in folklore, history, and has a passion for football.

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    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum it comes to Young Adult fiction, David Hair hasn t just broken the mold He s completely shattered it His book The Pyre is a substantially revised edition of his 2010 novel Pyre of Queens, inspired heavily by Indian folklore and mythology, even incorporating a reimagined version of the epic Ramayana The entire novel takes place in India, following the lives and past lives of a trio of Indian high

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    I always say that Indian Mythology has the most complicated and most enriched mythology of them all Recently, I was lucky enough to find out about two series on this topic One is the Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathy and the other is The Return of The Ravana series of David Hair Now, where i live, it is very difficult to get a book written in English and costly too Again i was lucky enough to acquire the whole box set of the second se

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    This was given to me for free in return for a review from the publisher I love David Hair s adult fantasy books which were written after this series and when I heard that this YA series was out I knew I had to try it so I requested it from the publisher I am really happy I did becuase this is totally different from the Moontide Quartet books in both feel and style, and it s also really interesting to see the roots of Hair s writing as

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    A book set in India, with characters that are from India and with Indian mythology Well done Because most of the time when this happen, then all those things does not happen But here the author stayed true.The book takes place in present day and in 770 Shastri, Darya and Aram lives in a time where their Raja has plans, and not good plans And that which happens back then shapes lives for a thousand years.In present day, Vikram, Amanjit,

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    Solid four stars for this action paced young adult adventure novel which actually has solidly done research to back the story up Plus the author s respect and understanding to Indian myths and society actually shines through his writing And guess what The entire story actually takes place in India, with an entire crew of Indians characters The Hindus myths are weaved nicely into the story, whilst the plot shifts itself between past and presen

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    Growing up reading the Ramayana, I could relate to its story I loved how the story of reincarnation involving Raavan was described The shifting between modern day and past lives events made the story extremely exciting I couldn t put the book down once I started The epilogue gave me a refreshing look at the story of Ramayana A good read

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    okay just okay

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