Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and

Nuclear engineer Mahaffeys Atomic Awakeningpresented an engaging history of nuclear energy that came close to offering a ringing endorsement for its continued widespread use Although his latest work focuses mostly on radioactivitys dark side, from its discovery into its role in the recent Fukushima meltdown, Mahaffey nonetheless does argue persuasively that, by closely investigating its shortcomings, nuclear power can be made safer Mahaffey begins with an episode of radiation poisoning that occurred in an Ozarks cave where hunters were exposed to radon gas, and offers a survey of nuclear weapons development, including the troubling disappearance of several H bombs, before addressing historys most famous nuclear accidents Entire chapters are devoted to dissecting what went wrong at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Windscale, a lesser known UK facility that burned uncontrollably for two days inWhile Mahaffeys subtext about nuclear powers overall safety likely wont sit well with the practices many opponents, his abundant use of lively anecdotes and intriguing scientific tidbits makes this an educational page turner Carl HaysNUCLEAR ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL DAVID MOSEY,July James Mahaffey is a fine writer Engaging,lucid, informal and frequently and satisfyingly irreverent, at his best hisstyle resembles the great satirist and mathematician Tom Lehrer s sardonic,technically informed delivery He also shares Lehrer s satisfaction inanatomising humankind sfatuous missteps and his intellectualintegrity Atomic Accidentsdeservesthe widest audience NATURE Mark Peplow,February Mahaffey guides us throughthan a century of atomic research, includingmisadventures with radioactive elixirs The radium water worked fine until hisjaw came off, reads aheadline and long forgotten accidents atenrichment plantsThe compelling tales unravel like slow motion horror stories,spiraling towards disasters we know are comingPUBLISHERS WEEKLY Starred ReviewJanuary Mahaffey, a former senior researchscientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, employs his extensiveknowledge of nuclear engineering to produce a volume that is by turns alarming,thought provoking, humorous, and always fascinatingRKUS Starred ReviewFebruary The most comprehensive and certainly oneof the most entertaining accounts of atomic accidentsCLEAR STREET NEWS Randy Brich,February Part detective story, part documentary,part diabolical murder mystery, James Mahaffey s latest non fiction thrillerdetails the mistakes associated with all sorts of atomic devices, designs anddecisions gone awry The book is essential reading for anyone curious aboutthe inherent intricacies involved with unstable atomic reactors, how they gotthat way and what should be done about them Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima, Jim Mahaffey -

About the Author: Jim Mahaffey

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima, Jim Mahaffey .com , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Jim Mahaffey auteurs dans le monde.

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