The Wedding in White (The Men of Medicine Ridge, #2)

The Wedding in White (The Men of Medicine Ridge, #2)Sweet, gentle schoolteacher Natalie Brock s life changed forever when handsome rancher Mack Killain s masterful kisses gave her a tantalizing taste of love Ever since that first awakening, Natalie knew Mack was the only man for her Trouble was, the rough edged loner had sworn off marriage especial

The Hostage Bride

The Hostage BrideBeneath Tamara s cool beauty lay a dangerous secret she had borrowed company funds for a desperate family crisis But before she could return the money, ruthless entrepreneur Bickford Rutledge took over the firm Bick was a handsome, hard driving man who always got what he wanted and he wanted Tam

The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress (Anetakis Tycoons, #1)

The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress (Anetakis Tycoons, #1)Greek hotel magnate Chrysander Anetakis s former mistress was pregnant And had amnesia That meant Marley Jameson didn t remember betraying him by selling company secrets Or that he d thrown her out of his life So he told her a little white lie they were engaged Then he swept her away to his Gr

Craving Beauty

Craving BeautyMarc was dangerous to her in the way that only a strong, sexy male could be to a woman Even knowing that, she d agreed to marry him.Hope blossomed in Hira s heart Perhaps she d married a man with whom it might be worth building a life Her mother had worried that he was scarred, but the lines on h

Beloved (Long, Tall Texans, #16)

Beloved (Long, Tall Texans, #16)No woman will ever be allowed within striking distance of my heart n Simon Hart, iron hearted, insufferably stubborn Long, Tall Texan n nHe d sworn off romantic entanglements forever But every man had a weakness, and his was the beautiful, beguiling Tira Beck He d angrily labeled the flamboyant s

Lionhearted (Long, Tall Texans, #23)

Lionhearted (Long, Tall Texans, #23)HIS WINTER BRIDE n nAs the holiday season approached, the residents of Jacobsville were whispering about Janie Brewster s hopeless crush on Leo Hart Up till now, all her efforts to lasso the dynamic cattleman had crumbled quicker than those mouthwatering biscuits the Hart men coveted However, th

The Tycoon's Secret Affair (The Anetakis Tycoons, #3)

The Tycoon's Secret Affair (The Anetakis Tycoons, #3)She hadn t known she d slept with the boss But the next morning Jewel Henley learned the exotic stranger who d swept her off her feet was her new employer, Piers Anetakis And before she could explain, Jewel found herself without a joband pregnant n nAfter five months Piers had finally tracked do

The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal (Monte Carlo Affairs, #1)

The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal (Monte Carlo Affairs, #1)Would she accept one million euros to be his mistress for a month How could practical American Stacy Reeves say no to Franco Constantine s proposal The wealthy, arrogant CEO of Midas Chocolates was overwhelmingly passionate in his pursuit Their union would be pure pleasure n nBut Stacy did not

Last Wolf Standing (Bloodrunners #1)

Last Wolf Standing (Bloodrunners #1)That a woman who was his perfect match even existed And that he d find her in a bustling cafe Yet just the scent of sweet, mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving, explosive need to claim her that he knew his pack would never sanction Worse, the rogue werewolf he d been hunting had sensed that a

The Billionaire Next Door

The Billionaire Next DoorTake no prisoners deal maker Sean O Banyon ate Wall Street financiers for lunch So why was he losing sleep over a fresh scrubbed nurse in old jeans and a too big T shirt Maybe it was those warm green eyes Or the way she blushed when he got personal There was no denying the serious chemistry betw

Between the Ceo's Sheets

Between the Ceo's SheetsCool, confident and totally in control Millionaire businessman Wade Beaumont made a habit of going after what he wanted with focused intensity And now that Gina Grady had come to him, begging for a job, he d decided to direct all his energy on one thing seducing his newest employee n nAfter one st

The Tycoon's Rebel Bride (The Anetakis Tycoons, #2)

The Tycoon's Rebel Bride (The Anetakis Tycoons, #2)Tycoon Theron Anetakis had only one problem and she just walked through his door With his business takeover complete, he d intended to arrange a marriage for himself to further secure his future HoweverLittle Isabella Caplan had blossomed into a voluptuous vixen with plans of her own, and they

Dante's Wedding Deception (The Dante Legacy, #3)

Dante's Wedding Deception (The Dante Legacy, #3)Nothing could keep Nicol Dante from uncovering the truth about Kiley O Dell He knew she had to be a liar, but the moment he set eyes on the beauty, his soul was scorched by the once in a lifetime heat of The Dante Inferno Then a sudden accident stole her memory, and he seized the chance to learn

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