The General of the Dead Army

The General of the Dead ArmyThis is the story of an Italian general, accompanied by his chaplain, charged with the mission of scouring Albania in search of the bones of their fallen countrymen, killed twenty years earlier during World War II.

Chronicle in Stone

Chronicle in StoneMasterful in its simplicity, Chronicle in Stone is a touching coming of age story and a testament to the perseverance of the human spirit Surrounded by the magic of beautiful women and literature, a boy must endure the deprivations of war as he suffers the hardships of growing up His sleepy countr

The Palace of Dreams

The Palace of DreamsA sinister totalitarian ministry called the Palace of Dreams recruits Mark Alem to sort, classify, and interpret the dreams of the people in the empire, seeking the master dreams that give clues to the empire s destiny.

The Successor

The SuccessorA new novel from the acclaimed winner of the inaugural Man Booker International Prize for achievement in fiction.The Successor is a powerful political novel based on the sudden, mysterious death of the man who had been handpicked to succeed the hated Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha The man who died w

The Pyramid

The PyramidFrom the Albanian writer who has been short listed for the Nobel Prize comes a hypnotic narrative of ancient Egypt, a work that is at once a historical novel and an exploration of the horror of untrammeled state power It is 2600 BC The Pharaoh Cheops is inclined to forgo the construction of a pyra

E penguara: Requiem për Linda B.

E penguara: Requiem për Linda B.A Girl in Exile, first published in Albanian in 2009, is set among the bureaucratic machinery of Albania s 1945 1991 dictatorship While waiting to hear whether his newest play will be approved for production, playwright Rudian Stefa is called in for questioning by the Party Committee A girl Lind

The Three-Arched Bridge

The Three-Arched BridgeThe year 1377 The place the Balkan peninsula Here in Ismail Kadare s novel, The Three Arched Bridge, an Albanian monk chronicles the events surrounding the construction of a bridge across a great river known as Ujana e Keqe, or Wicked Waters If successful in their endeavor, the bridge builder

Spring Flowers, Spring Frost

Spring Flowers, Spring FrostFrom behind the closed door, the man shouts, Be on your way you have no business here Open up, I am the messenger of Death n nAs spring arrives in the Albanian mountain town of B, some strange things are emerging in the thaw Bank robbers strike the National Bank Old terrors are dredged up fro

The Siege

The SiegeIn the early fifteenth century, as winter falls away, the people of Albania know that their fate is sealed They have refused to negotiate with the Ottoman Empire, and war is now inevitable Soon enough dust kicked up by Turkish horses is spotted from a citadel Brightly coloured banners, hastily co

Enver Hoxha

Enver HoxhaPas viteve 90 d shira p r ta treguar historin e Enver Hoxh s dhe t karrier s s tij ashtu si ishte, reale, shpesh i zhyti rr fimtar t n kurthin e kalimit t cakut, t denigrimit pa shkak dhe t memuaristik s s diktuar nga zhvillimet e dit s Enver Hoxh n u orvat n ta zhdukin nga do piedestal,

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